Feudum Preorder Store

Created by Mark Swanson

Feudum Preorder Store
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1,543 backers pledged $64,769.00 on Kickstarter

Welcome to the Odd Bird Games store! Items ordered here will be ready to ship late June! All games are Retail Editions unless they are marked "KS Edition". The "Big Box" is exclusive to the Odd Bird Games store.

Raised in Kickstarter
$64,769.00 / 1,543 backers
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$98,372.76 / 1,869 backers


Bk 10 coins legacy square thumb
Royal Steed Coin (0.03 kg) Odd Bird
95 backers love it!
Bk foil epoch legacy square thumb
Flying Epoch Marker in Foil (0.03 kg) Odd Bird
79 backers love it!
Bk original goals legacy square thumb
Original Feudum Stretch Goals (0.15 kg) Odd Bird
84 backers love it!
Playmat legacy square thumb
The Queen's Army Playmat (0.135 kg) Odd Bird
59 backers love it!
Bk coins legacy square thumb
Custom Metal Coins (0.135 kg) Odd Bird
105 backers love it!
Bk seals targets legacy square thumb
Deluxe Wooden Pieces (0.03 kg) Odd Bird
99 backers love it!
1 legacy square thumb
Meeple Realty Custom Feudum Insert (1 kg) Odd Bird
38 backers love it!

Base Game

Bk game legacy square thumb
Feudum the Game KS Edition (3 kg) Odd Bird
35 backers love it!
Bk game legacy square thumb
Feudum the Game (2.65 kg) Odd Bird
2 backers love it!
Bk big box legacy square thumb
Feudum "Big Box" (2.85 kg) Odd Bird [DOES NOT I...
77 backers love it!


Ks image20170813 3 172trlc legacy square thumb
The Queen's Army (0.95 kg) Odd Bird
62 backers love it!
Bk windmills legacy square thumb
Windmills and Catapults Expansion (0.6 kg) Odd...
10 backers love it!
Bk seals legacy square thumb
Seals and Sirens Expansion (0.5 kg) Odd Bird
7 backers love it!
Bk alter legacy square thumb
Alter Ego Expansion (0.54 kg) Odd Bird
8 backers love it!
Bk squirrels legacy square thumb
Squirrels and Conifers Mini Expansion (0.18 kg)...
62 backers love it!